“Revelations” Exhibition

The Mopán is one of the pieces from the Nahual line created by Mecate Studio. A line of ceramic objects that emerges from a geometric abstraction that spawns a symbolic remembrance of the most representative animals of pre-Hispanic cultures.

The Mopán (deer) is an animal of great importance in the Wixárica cosmogony. As the utmost deity of this culture, the deer reveals the paths that should be traversed in the earthly and spiritual life. A talisman with an apotropaic effect.

The “Revelations” exhibit is an integration between a design object and artistic expression. Eight different artists from various plastic expressions are invited to intervene the ceramic piece “Mopán” in an open manner, which will have as a result eight unprecedented and unique pieces.

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“In this living and magical desert
end of the world
the Blue Deer will reveal itself to us
to find our life
he will teach us
he will be our medicine”

Sacred Peyote Ceremony